I think it’s rather simply put in the title. Labyrinth was and still is a great movie. It has a strong base of fans and followers who fell in love with the movie and I’m sure they would be proud to show up to costume events as their favorite characters from the movie.

I got the idea of looking for costumes from Labyrinth while discussing with several fellow cast members of the Tacoma, Washington Rocky Horror Picture Show. During our last cast meeting the theme for our next theme night was under discussion and several members of the cast seemed to like the idea as dressing to match the characters from Labyrinth. As the discussion progressed it them became apparent that one of our next theme nights will eventually be the Labyrinth. So upon searching for the costuming for the roles I quickly discovered that there are none available. With the movie fan base I was slightly shocked and where I would definately be interested in buying a Jareth (Goblin King) costume I figured why not make the suggestion to a costuming web site.

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