Knight Rider’s Back: the Hasselhof costume?

When i was a kid, i really enjoyed watching Knight Rider, yeah that was a hot show for kids in the 80s. What kid wouldn’t want to drive a car that talks to you, come and get you, through you out by the roof and is super sharp looking…

Well if you are ready to believe it, Knight Rider will be back on television as early as 2008! David Hasselhoff seems to be in negotiations to take on the role again, i guess he is still in pretty good shape…when he is not drinking. The plan is to make a 2 hour long movie to introduce the television show for 08/09.

K.I.T.T. has been upgraded to a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR although i wished they went for a Corvette…but wahtever, it won’t make me not watch the series anyway! I am not really what the rest of the cast will up being, and in a way, who cares. As long as Hasselhof is in there, I don’t really care about the others. Alright, so now, let’s think about costumes because that’s what matters here on CostumZee!

We need a Michael Knight / Knight Rider costume. We need to wig, although maybe David’s haircut in 2008 will be different than the 80’s one, black jeans, black leather jacket and 80’s sunglasses… well, maybe you can come up with such costume on your own, it doesn’t seem to complicated actually! I don;t think a KITT costume will be made, but who knows!

Oh and by the way David, please don’t drink and drive…oh I forgot, K.I.T.T. drive itself right?

You lucky “b……”.

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