jelly bean bag

my daughter’s birthday is in october and for her birthday we decided to have a costume party…since she was the birthday girl I wanted her costume to be the most original one.

I took a large clear bag(large enough to cover her body)-like a dry cleaners bag, I put her inside bag with closing side of bag at bottom and cut holes for her legs to go through(not too big since you will be filling it), the bag went up all the way to her neck.

I bought small water balloons and blew them with air and filled the bag with them(about 100 depending on the size)I tied the bag around her neck (not too tight)by colored ribbon.

I decorated the outside of the bag with colored tape to make it all colorful. it was a hit everyone absolutely loved.

I do recommend this idea as a costume parade for school since been filled with balloons makes it impossible for kids to sit.Also pre inflate the balloons because it does take a while(get help inflating them).

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