It’s Now a Zombie Apocalypse of Costumes!

Hollywood, the Gaming Industry, and many others are constantly re-imagining what zombies will look like, what they can do, and basically just adding to our horror. Konami is releasing a new game for Playstation 3 and other game consoles called Zombie Apocalypse. From this new game you can certainly revamp your idea of a zombie costume.

In the game a zombie infection is spreading where untold numbers of the undead are rising to walk the earth. In fact the numbers of greater than the human popular left. A small band of gunslinger costumes may also be needed if you want to dress as one of the players because you, the gamer, will be working to destroy the zombies with your team. All remaining survivors, in this case four players, will be battling against the zombies in an effort to get out alive.

Your arsenal will be as plentiful as your gunslinger costume choices. You will have numerous deadly weapons ranging from assault rifles to flame throwers. You can even add in a few grenade launchers and a chainsaw. When the ammo is low you will in fact have to depend on the chainsaw to survive. The game is action packed, filled with horror, and grotesque scenes making it a 17 and up option.

Gaming features include killer environments such as crushing, burning, slicing, and other types of destructive options as you walk through forests and towns. There is “trigger mortis”¬ù with 11 devastating weapons, and 55 days in the game to survive. Nothing says great Halloween costumes like the undead costumes of zombies. The blood and gore alone that you can choose from is almost unthinkable.

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