Illegal Alien Costume — Pun or not Funny?

The illegal alien costume has caused quite the stir over the past few days.

A number of immigrant rights advocates are up in arms over the illegal alien costumes that have appeared on the costume scene in the past year or so and many stores like have reacted by pulling the products from their websites.

Political satire and popular culture are a major source of costumes, and with the issue of illegal immigrants, or “illegal aliens” as they’re commonly referred to has certainly been at the forefront since the last presidential election. It was a major campaign issue.

The alien mask and orange jumpsuit isn’t the only illegal alien costume on the scene. There are others that portray a stereotype of a Mexican with a thick bushy moustache on the alien’s face.

This certainly isn’t the first costume that has raised the hackles of ethnic groups. Virtually every ethnic stereotype has been poked fun of with the satire of a halloween costume, either homemade or sold commercially.

Are these offensive? Certainly to some, but maybe we all need to just lighten up a little.

We posed the question to our own reader community in a poll that’s going on right now. You can participate in the poll and see the results below. Though after several hundred participants, it seems to be settling down in only 1 in 10 participants who think that the illegal alien costume is offensive.

Is the Illegal Alien Costume offensive?(surveys)

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