I Wanna Go… To The…Rocky Horror Picture Show

“It’s astounding! Time is fleeting! Madness takes its toll!” Over 27 years later, The Rocky Horror Picture Show maintains a fan following so rabid that the film refuses to be merely contained to DVD or the silver screen. Sure, you can check out the cult classic on DVD or at various midnight showings still staged throughout the country. However, the only way to truly see The Rocky Horror Picture show is at a costumed showing, acted out by the fans in tandem with the actual film shown on screen.

All over the country, fans turn out in droves, dressed in full costume regalia as their favorite characters from the film. A select few participate as leads by acting out the roles of the principal characters, but the entire audience takes part interacting with the film. From chucking toast at the screen when “A toast!” is called for to doing The Time Warp out of their seats, everyone becomes a part of the wild and wooly festivities.

While there are some mainstays to the live, costumed showings such as crude humor and well-intentioned snarking on the characters both on screen and performing live, the pop-cultural humor references the audience tosses out have changed with the times. You’re guaranteed to never see quite the same show twice.

Although you can go at any time of the year, Halloween is the perfect time to show up at one of these midnight showing fan festivities! Check here to find a show in your area.

Be sure to come prepared with all sorts of fun props and of course, costumed as your favorite Rocky Horror Picture Show character. Couples can go as the sweet, innocent Brad and Janet, the piece’s hero and heroine. For duos craving something a bit darker, attend as the hulking butler Riff-Raff and the slinkily sinister maid Magenta.

If you have a talent for tapping, there’s the feisty little Columbia. And last but certainly not least, of course, there’s everyone’s favorite sweet transsexual from Transylvania, the madly perverse scientist, Dr. Frank N. Furter.

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