I PAID only $25 for the BEST Juliet Dress EVER! And It’s NOT A COSTUME!

I found this AWESOME place (on Ebay, believe it or not) But they have their own website too… It’s called Holy Clothing.

I bought a few shirts and skirts from them in the past & loved every item I got! Well this season I got the Silver “Juliet” Dress and I’m wearing it for Halloween…

I can’t wait til it gets here! The way I see it is why should you pay all that money for a cheap costume when you can buy the real deal for LESS???

It was just too good a find not to share! They have all sizes up to like a 5X I think so go check it out ladies. I’ll post a picture in my pics so you can see it if you like.

If anyone has any ideas as to what I might wear for shoes, please let me know… I was thinking of wearing black lace up boots and making some sort of silver spats to go over them???


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