I am Iron Man!

Warner Bros. and DC Comics don’t have the market cornered on a highly-anticipated comic book property in 2008. Due in theatres in May of 2008, Iron Man is Marvel Comics film offering with blockbuster potential. Starring acclaimed actor Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark, the billionaire industrialist and inventor whose altar ego is the heroic Iron Man, the film co-stars the likes of Gwenyth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, and Jeff Bridges. Check out the trailer here.

Having been wounded while testing one of his newest high-tech creations, Stark creates an iron suit of armor that essentially acts as a life-support system. Utilizing the souped-up superpowered suit, Stark takes on the identity of Iron Man and embarks upon a career of super heroism.

Although the movie hasn’t come out yet, there are already officially licensed Iron Man costumes at the ready. In sizes to fit children and adults, this look is the classic style of the red-and-yellow armor sported by Stark in the Iron Man comic books, this is the perfect costume for hitting up a Comic Con, attending the movie in costume, or just stockpiling a cool look for Halloween. Perhaps before Halloween, some newer costumes based on the darker, more modern look of Iron Man in the film version will be available. Excelsior!

Iron Man I Am This is an officially licensed Iron Man Juvenile t-shirt in which these Iron Man Juvenile shirts have been screen printed with a Iron Man image. These Iron Man Juvenile tshirts are usual...
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Become one with your inner Tony Stark in this uniform tee featuring the famous Iron Man armor. crewneck short sleeves 100 cotton washable imported
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Iron Man I am Iron Man #2 (2010) Marvel Comics VF
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Iron Man I am Iron Man #1 (2010) Marvel Comics VF/NM
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Iron Man I am Iron Man #2 (2010) Marvel Comics VF+
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I Am Iron Man - Art Print
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I Am Iron Man LED Light Up Adult Sweatshirt Hoodie Size: X-Small Color: Red Color Mapping: Red
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Tony Stark doesn't trust many people to wear his armor, in fact he only let his best pal James Rhodes wear a spare suit of his. Which means when Iron Man gets into too much trouble he calls on War Mac...
Iron Man I Am Simple Core Seatbelt Mesh Belt Iron Man's powerful arc reactor is displayed on the silver buckle at the center of this cool Iron Man belt! The Iron Man I Am Simple Core Seatbelt Mesh Bel...
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Tony Stark was held hostage by the terrorist group Ten Ring on his return from a weapon exhibition. He was forced to build Stark Industries' weapon of destruction with limited resources and saved hims...

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