Human-like Mask With Real Voice And Expressions

> Researchers aim to give robots a more human-like face with a system that beams 3D images onto the back of a transparent plastic mask.

This is simply amazing. I am thinking about a million different ways this technology could be used… Imagine soldiers overseas able to have a virtual face to face using Skype with their families… Teachers could teach simultaneously at 20 different campuses around the world and be virtually present in each class!

>Take video conferences. While participants in such sitdowns are usually displayed onscreen, with Mask-bot “you can create a realistic replica of a person that actually sits and speaks with you at the conference table,” said Takaaki Kuratate, one of the researchers who worked on the project. “You can use a generic mask for male and female, or you can provide a custom-made mask for each person.” Think head on a platter.

Doesn’t this blow your mind? It does for me.

Source Cnet

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