How to make Verne (Over the Hedge) costume?

Verne is the turtle from Over the Hedge, and while not as popular as RJ or Hammy from the movie you can expect your child to appreciate this costume. If you are on a budget making Verne might just be what you need for the best costume this year. Below we have some instructions to help you create Verne.

##Things you will need:##

* Sewing machine

* Pattern

* Green material

* Brown material

* White material

* Bunting


Step 1: The pattern you choose should be for a turtle if you can find one. If you can’t any PJ style pattern will do. It must be a full body pattern with long sleeves. The main part of the costume will be all green. You will need the body suit first then you can start adding to it. The front of the suit will need the bottom side of the shelf. So you should create a lip with green material.

Step 2: You need to create a shell out of the brown material with a ring of green. You will need to stuff the shell with bunting. The shell should be oval or round depending on your child’s size. Then sew the shell onto the main body of the costume. This will complete the back side of the costume.

Step 3: Next for Verne you need turtle hands. The turtle hands can be a four fingered glove with lots of padding inside. You can also do turtle feet if you wish with the green material. Otherwise white shoes will suffice.

Step 4: You will need a face for Verne. You can try and find a mask or create a hood. The face of Verne should have a round nose with two brown dots for nostrils, a wide smile with white teeth, and then a turtle like top with the eyes. A mask may be easier to find then creating the face from scratch depending on your talents.

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