How to make the Three Nativity Wisemen costumes?

In the Nativity scene or at a pageant symbolizing history there are always the three Wisemen. These Wisemen are Melchoir, Gaspar, and Balthazar. Each will have a slightly different appearance, but the same overall theme. Instead of our usually pattern for giving you a how to idea we will just list a few items you need and offer a more article style.

Melchoir is the most elaborate costume. You will start with yellow or gold fabric and also a green or brown. The yellow fabric is used to create the robe, while the brown or green fabric is meant as the over- robe. These two robes need to be ankle length. The next step is creating the head piece. The head piece will actually attach to a hat. You may need to do a bit of research to make sure you are creating the correct “_ìcrown”¬ù style hat. The head piece will be long enough to reach below the waist, but not meet the ankles. The head piece is also in yellow fabric. Melchoir will then need to carry his present.

Gaspar though no less opulent in dress is more simple. You will first need a red fabric to create a robe from. The robe should be long sleeved and to the ankles. Then over the robe is a multi colored fabric with gold, green, blue and other colors in a design. The material should form a vest the meets the ankles. One top of Gaspar’s head is a crown only. It should be round and red with gold.

Balthazar is also dressed in a red robe, but over his robe is a brown patterned coat. It does have long sleeves and hang open in the front. On top is a taller round hat or crown. Both Gaspar and Balthazar will have presents to carry as well.

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