How to make RJ Over the Hedge costume?

Over the Hedge is one of the most popular animated films in this decade for children and adults. The witty sense of humor combined with the furry animals makes it wonderful to watch. The best part is if you wish you can also make Over the Hedge a great costume idea. RJ is a more popular character from Over the Hedge; therefore we have chosen him for our how to ideas.

##Things you will need:##

* Tan material

* Brown material

* White material

* RJ Mask

* Sewing machine

* Pattern


Step 1: The main body of RJ is fairly simple. It will be a one piece costume. You will need to find a pattern for a suit, it doesn’t even have to be a raccoon style pattern. Any costume pattern will do that is one piece, with long legs and sleeves. The main part of the costume will be tan, with a white middle.

Step 2: After you form the main costume, you will need to make the gloves and feet. The gloves and feet need to be made with the dark brown material. You may want to find a pattern for this as well. The feet can just be a swatch of brown to go over the shoes your child or you will wear. Elastic bands work nicely to keep the feet around the shoes.

Step 3: The tail will also need to be formed. The tail will be tan and brown material to form the raccoon rings. You will need cotton or bunting to stuff the tail with. Also the tail needs to come to a point at the end.

Step 4: You can make the RJ face is you wish out of the materials mentioned above, or you can find a mask for your child to wear.

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