How To Make Multiple Halo Costumes

Ok, this is not for your average DIYer, Shawn Thorsson is an maker-expert who has developed a way to make multiple copies of the Halo costume from one template originally carved from wood. This is not his first project, he worked on the Dead Space 2 costume also featured here on Costumzee and many other projects you can check out on his blog.

> I use an old Toshiba Satellite laptop, a Canon inkjet printer, a Craftsman Carvewright carving machine, a homemade vacuum forming machine, and a host of old-school woodworking and machine shop tools in a repurposed chicken barn out in the country.

You can read this interview where he gets in details about the materials, tools, software and techniques used to make these costumes.

He should consider mass-producing them, i am sure these would sell like bread!

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