How to Make Magneto Costume

Hollywood rumors are being confirmed right and left regarding X-men films. Having just learned that there is a movie slated for release in 2011 I felt sure there are more out there like me. X-Men Origins: Magneto is going to delve into how Magneto and Charles Xavier became enemies. For those of you who love the comics and making your own costumes we felt sure you would find our “_ìHow to Magneto costume idea”¬ù worthy.

##Materials Needed##

*Black pants

*Black shirt

*Black cape

*Black helmet

*Black Boots


Step 1: Magneto was dressed in red during the last few films, but in 2011 he may just have a new look. The materials listed above can typically be found in your closet or at a thrift store.

Step 2: Magneto will look younger in this new film since it goes back to the origins of the top two. For this very reason you need a tight black shirt. Over the shirt you will need to devise some armor. This can be done with a little paint and some cardboard or a heavier fabric from that adds a bit of padding.

Step 3: The pants can be any black pants you happen to have. To make them a little different consider adding a black utility belt.

Step 4: Once you have the main body of the costume you will need to either create your own cape or find one. The cape should be above the ankles in length and wrap around the neck to tie it on.

Step 5: The boots should be combat in style to help the combat appearance of Magneto come to life.

Step 6: The last step is to create a helmet. This helmet should have a covering for the nose and around the ears. In fact think Roman Helmet without the brush on the top. You can be creative with the helmet in making it black with magnetic symbols on it if you wish.

Don’t forget Charles Xavier to complete the movie theme!

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