How to make an Undertaker (WWE) costume

One part macabre and mystical being, one part biker bad-ass, and one part neo-cowboy, The Undertaker is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time. He bears the distinction of holding a 15-year streak of unbroken wins at Wrestlemania, consistently defeating his opponents. Strike fear into the hearts of your friends and put together your own DIY costume based on this popular wrestler.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Black pleather duster

* Black beater

* Black pants

* Black boots

* Black biker gloves (fingerless)

* Long wavy brown wig

* Black eyeliner pencil

* Hendrix hat (with purple ribbon removed)

##Putting together your Undertaker WWE costume##

Step 1: Put on a pair of black pants with a plain black beater.

Step 2: Pull on a pair of black boots. The beauty of the Undertaker’s costume is that either black Doc Martens or even black cowboy boots or biker boots can go great with this look.

Step 3: A big part of Undertaker’s look is his long, black leather trench coat. Choose from a pleather duster or if you happen to have a long, black leather jacket, it would definitely be appropriate.

Step 4: For a scary look, add some black eyeliner to rim the insides and outsides of your look. Bonus points if you can master the “roll your eyes in the back of your head” look that the Undertaker has all-but trademarked!

Step 5: Put on a long, wavy brown wig. The hair should be a little past shoulder length. You can cut the wig to your desired length.

Step 6: Top it all off with a Hendrix hat. Remove the purple and silver trim and you’ve got Undertaker’s distinctive hat. It’s not your standard cowboy hat, but really more like a vintage, Western undertaker back in the day of Deadwood. Rest. In. Peace!

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