How to make an Otis Driftwood (Devil’s Rejects) Costume

The maniacal Otis P. Driftwood (named for the Groucho Marx character) is a part of the Firefly family of mass murderers and derelicts in the Rob Zombie film, “House of 1,000 Corpses” and it’s cult classic sequel, “The Devil’s Rejects.” This Halloween, dress up as the psychotic Otis with an easy, DIY costume! Grab a few friends to dress as Captain Spaulding and Baby Firefly!

##What You’ll Need##

* Long, stringy white or grey wig

* Fake beard and spirit gum

* Fake blood

* A white tank top or beater

* A pair of brown work boots

* Olive green cargo pants

* Holster belt

* Cowboy hat (optional)

* Toy guns

##Putting together your Otis Driftwood (Devil’s Rejects) Costume##

Step 1: Grab your white beater or tank top and smear it with some fake blood. Smear some blood on your cargo pants, too, before putting them on.

Step 2: Put on a long, stringy white wig or grey wig.

Step 3: Adhere some spirit gum to your upper lip and chin to add a realistic looking, grizzled grey and brown beard.

Step 4: Pull on your work boots and strap on your holster.

Step 5: Grab some guns and get ready to do “The Devil’s Work!”

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