How to make an Old Father New Year 2008 costume

Out with the old and in with the new! Take a look back and honor the year gone past in 2008 with a unique, DIY take on Father Time and the Old New Year gone past! You will need only a few storebought items and a computer printer to print out photos and headlines of events of 2008.

##Things You’ll Need##

* White wig

* Long white beard

* Hourglass

* White bedsheet or robe-type gown

* Sandals

* Computer and printer

* Paper

* Gluestick OR safety pins

* Scissors

* Headlines and photos of 2008 events

* Sash that reads “2008”

* Thick ribbon or bolt of white fabric

* Fabric paint

##Putting together your Old Father New Year 2008 costume##

Step 1: Begin creating your costume by taking a white sheet or robe or pre-made Father Time costume and adhering headlines and photo events of 2008. You will need to print them on a good quality paper and use a gluestick or safety pins to adhere them to your costume at random. It can be as covered with events and headlines as you like or as little.

Step 2: Pick up a 2008 sash or create your own out of a thick piece of ribbon or a bolt of white fabric. Take some fabric paint or puffy paint to write 2008 on it and wear it crosswise over your robe.

Step 3: Put on your white wig and long white beard.

Step 4: Step into a pair of sandals and grab your hour glass and get ready to party into 2009!

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