How to make an Octomom costume

Stand in line at the checkout counter or log online and you’ll see this woman’s face plastered everywhere! Her popularity and rampant crusading for cash, prizes, and TV time for herself and her incredibly large brood is overwhelming. And thanks to some plastic surgery, her resemblence to fellow kiddie-collector Angeline Jolie is uncanny. Of course, I’m talkin’ ’bout Octomom!

Check out this simple (and hilarious) tutorial on how to make your own Octomom DIY costume **Although I wish I could take credit for this idea, a photo for this costume has been circulating online. Still, this was too good to pass up for a great costume How To for someone else to pull off!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long black wig

* Plastic Giant Lips

* 8 baby dolls

* Duct tape

##Putting together your Octomom costume##

Step 1: Start with your favorite everyday outfit of choice. Preferably something comfy that someone constantly attending to 14 kids would wear. Hey, you gotta be comfortable when you’re trying to secure your own reality television show!

Step 2: Put on a long black wig.

Step 3: Put down the collagen needle and pick up a pair of Plastic giant lips! They just insert into your mouth ove your own lips for a cartoonish effect.

Step 4: Head to a dollar store and pick up eight plastic baby dolls. You can carry them on you anyway you like, whether if it’s in a baby sling with some peeking over your shoulder, some held in your arms, or even some duct-taped to your leg and chest!

##Putting together your Octomom cotume##

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