How to make an Io (Clash of the Titans) costume

Cursed with being unable to age and to watch those she loved die for turning down the advances of a god, Io was Perseus’s mystical helper and love interest in the film “Clash of the Titans.” Put together your own Io costume by following this simple tutorial.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long brown wig

* Hair tie

* Grey cloak

* Brooch

* Grey one-shouldered dress OR

* Short toga

* Thick black corset belt — (Try the Elvira belt with dagger)

* Grecian sandals

* Silver arm wristlets

* White eyeshadow

* Nude tone lipstick

* Mascara

##Putting together your Io (Clash of the Titans) costume##

Step 1: Put on a long brown wig or use your own hair if the length is long enough.

Step 2: Part your hair over one eye and gently tease a portion at the back near the crown using a “back combing” technique with a comb. Spray this in place for a regal boost to your roots. If you want, add a “Bumpit” to the back to maintain height along with a headband or braid going lengthwise from temple to temple, depending how elaborate you want your Io hairstyle to be. Then, pull your hair or the wig hair to the side and braid it into a low-slung, loose thick braid. Secure the bottom with a hair elastic in brown to match. If you want, give it a good spritz of hairspray to stay in place.

Step 3: Do your makeup with a thin coat of pale white eyeshadow to make your eyes stand out. Follow up with a coat or two of black mascara and a touch of nude lipstick for a natural, yet ethereal look.

Step 4: Pick up a short toga in a ladies’ style… Or, due to the fact that one-shouldered, Grecian-inspired dresses are in style, you can probably pick up a grey, one-shouldered number that looks similar to the short toga/tunic Io wore in the film.

Step 5: Belt your dress or toga around the waist with a thick, black corset belt. (I’d recommend the Elvira belt with dagger as it doesn’t look too “modern.”)

Step 6: Put on a pair of silver wristlets in a metal gauntet style on your arms/wrists for a feminine warrior look.

Step 7: Slide on a pair of gladiator sandals in a ladies’ size. Bonus points for these as they’re currently in-style and you can wear them in a neutral color with this costume!

Step 8: Put on a long grey cloak and pull the hood up over your head, allowing your braid and hair “bump” to peek out slightly. Pull the one side of the cloak across your chest and secure it to the shoulder with an elaborate brooch and you’re ready to stand by Perseus’ side!

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