How to make an Indian Child costume?

Thanksgiving would not be complete if you didn’t have Indians and Pilgrims at the table. If you are hosting or attending a Thanksgiving party this year, you might wish to go dressed as an Indian child. An Indian child costume can be relatively simple or complex depending on the accessories you decide to add.

##Materials Needed:##

* Moccasins

* Brown dress or pant outfit

* Jewelery

* Feathers

* Tomahawk (for boys)

* Leather belt


Step 1: For girls you will want to have a brown dress in the Native American style. There are patterns you can obtain to start from scratch or you can just find a dress that is near enough to the style you need. For boys you will want a pant suit. You should have loose fitting pants on the bottom and a tunic style shirt for the top. There are sets you can purchase, but again to create the outfit yourself you can find a pattern.

Step 2: After the dress or pant suit has been create you will need to add the accessories. The accessories will depend on what outfit you needed for the Indian child. For girls’ jewelery, a leather headband, and a feather will add to the costume. For boys you can have the tomahawk, leather belt, and more feathers.

Step 3: Lastly you will need to add the moccasins and you are good to go. You can also add a leather style jacket to keep your child warm.

Another option you have is an Indian Chief Style headdress. Some children may like the full style headdress to symbolize more power as an Indian at the table.

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