How to make an Ernie from Sesame Street costume

One half of the loveable Sesame Street Muppet duo of Bert and Ernie, Ernie is the fun-loving, goofy pal to his buddy Bert’s straight-laced, irritable persona. For almost 40 years, Bert and Ernie have been entertaining children on Sesame Street and teaching them that you can be best friends with someone different from you.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Yellow turtleneck

* Striped shirt (in blue, red, and yellow)

* blue pants (or jeans)

* orange cream makeup

* white cream makeup (optional)

* small red clown nose (rubber or foam}

* black eyeliner/eyebrow pencil

* A short black wig

* orange gloves

* Rubber Duckie*

##Putting together your Ernie from Sesame Street costume##

Step 1: Get dressed up in your Ernie costume. Layer the yellow ribbed turtleneck underneath your striped shirt. Leave them untucked over your jeans or pants.

Step 2: Start applying your orange cream makeup to your face. If you want, leave room around your eyes to apply white makeup to simulate Ernie’s googly eyes.

Step 3: Accentuate your eyebrows by going over them or extending them further with a black eyeliner/eyebrow pencil.

Step 4: Put on your small red clown nose, similar to Ernie’s round, red nose.

Step 5: Plop on your messy, short black wig.

Step 6: Put on a pair of orange knit gloves to look like Ernie’s hands.

Step 7: Grab your faithful Rubber Ducky and ask for directions to Sesame Street!

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