How to make an Elvis costume

Elvis is perhaps the most well known costume choice whether it is Halloween or you are on the Vegas strip. This year if you would rather not spend the money on a prepaid costume you can make your own. Below we have instructions and things you will need in order to make your Elvis costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* White jump suit

* Black wig

* Microphone


Step 1: Elvis costumes are normally the white jump suit that he was famous for wearing. The jumpsuit will have the bell bottom style pant leg, with the wings at the arms. To create your own costume you can find some inexpensive white material and a pattern. You can also just purchase a white jump suit and glam it up a bit with sequins and flash.

Step 2: In this step you are going to add the accessories that will make the white jump suit more Elvis. You will need a very large belt buckle and a white belt to help the costume further along. You will also need an Elvis style wig. These can be found in almost any costume shop or you can use your own hair to style in the Elvis appearance.

Step 3: The microphone should be carried around to give the costume more creditability as an Elvis impersonator. You can also have sunglasses covering your eyes, and shoes to match the flash of the costume.

To complete the entire appearance of Elvis you’ll have to have the right attitude and facial expressions to compliment the look. Variations on the costume can be gold material rather than white, or even blue material.

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