How to make an Elf costume?

Elf costumes are fun to wear at any time of the year, but particularly at Christmas. (In those countries that celebrate “_ìCarnivale”¬ù, our version of Mardi Gras, you will often see elf costumes.) They are very versatile, as both children and adults can wear them, and can be quite simple to make.

You only need a few items to make an elf outfit. No sizes are listed, as you will have to determine that by who the wearer will be. You can find a lot of the things at thrift stores or secondhand shops, or you may even be able to find them at home.

##Things you will need:##

Leggings or tights, either red, green, or candy-cane striped OR green thermal underwear pants in the smooth-textured material

A long-sleeved shirt to match the pants, leggings, or tights. (If you are using candy-cane colors, you can choose either a red or white shirt.) You want the shirt to hang below the waist; in fact, brushing the tops of the thighs is a good length. For girls, a short (approximately 3″¬ù to 4″¬ù above the knee) green or red long-sleeved dress with a slightly flared skirt or hem will work.

Ballet shoes or ballet-type house slippers to match the primary color (red, green, or white) of the costume. You can also choose black, as this will work well.

A square of red, green, or white material (for the hat). How large the square should be will depend on how large the wearer’s head is. You want it to fit approximately the way a Santa hat would.

Fabric glue or safety pins

Small fake jewel stones


Step 1: 1.You won’t actually have to do a lot to the bottom or top of the elf costume. If you wish, you can cut the hem of the shirt (or dress) into “_ìV”¬ù points for a more authentic look, and add small fake jewel stones to each point.

Step 2: For the hat:

Take the red, green, or white square of material and fold it in half vertically. Trace a triangle design on one side of the material, starting at the bottom left corner, and going all the way to the top of the material, and back down to the bottom right corner. The bottom edge of your material can act as the bottom of the hat.

Cut through both layers of the folder material, following the triangle pattern you drew.

Use the fabric glue or safety pins to close up both sides and the top of the hat. Leave the bottom half open.

Turn the bottom of the hat up about Ǭº to _Ǭ inch and cut the folded material into “_ìupside-down V”¬ù points. Attach fake jewels to the points and to the top of the hat.

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