How to make an Einstein costume?

The man behind the theory of relativity is a very popular costume among the scientific community or anyone who loves history. Whether you are going to a costume party or out for Halloween you have the choice to dress up as a genius. We have the materials you need and instructions to help you make Einstein.

##Materials Needed:##

* White lab coat

* Brown pants

* White dress shirt

* White wig

* Glasses

* Mathematic equations

* Pencil

* Paper

* Brown dress shoes


Step 1: To make an Einstein costume you may want to find a picture of the famous man. This way you will be able to see exactly how his hair is and what other accessories you might want to consider.

Step 2: To begin you need to dress in casual business style. We have chosen a white shirt and brown dress pants, but you can change these colors if you wish.

Step 3: Over the shirt should be a white lab coat. The lab coat will need to reach mid thigh and have plenty of pockets. You may wish to sew “_ìEinstein”¬ù onto a pocket. You may also want the E=MC2 on the lab coat for fun.

Step 4: In the lab coat pockets you might consider paper and pencil as well as other accessories.

Step 5: The wig should be grey/ white and be a little unruly.

Step 6: Place your spectacles on and slip on your dress shoes you will be ready for your costume party.

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