How to make an Eeyore costume?

Do you want to be the gloomy little donkey Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh? If you do, but you find you are on such a tight budget or you just love to make things you might like our instructions below. Making a costume can be more fun for Halloween or other parties.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Purple pant suit

* Light Purple material

* Black fuzzy material

* Face paint or Eeyore mask

* Purple shoes

* Purple gloves


Step 1: You will need to find a purple pant suit or purple sweat suit. Even though Eeyore is technically grey most of the costumes and pictures show him as purple. You can also use dark purple material to make the costume from scratch. You will take the dark purple pant suit and alter it. On the front you need to have a patch of light purple material. It should be an oval shape for the stomach area.

**Step 2: ** On the back of the pant suit take some of the purple material and form a removable tail with Velcro. On the end of the purple material you should have a black fuzzy material that constitutes as hair like.

Step 3: The purple shoes and gloves will complete the feet and hands of the costume.

Step 4: This is the last step and you will be creating your Eeyore face. You can use face paint to offer the donkey muzzle or purchase a mask. If you purchase a mask it should be the full face mask so that you can have the ears and hair on the top of your head. If you don’t purchase one, you will need to make floppy ears out of purple and pink material. You will also need a little tuft of black hair to sit on the headband of the ears. A purple hat can also be used to sew the ears and hair to offering more warmth.

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