How to make an Attila the Hun costume

Born in 406 A.D., Attila the Hun was the leader of the Germanic Huns whose empire stretched from what is modern day Germany to the Baltic Sea. He is alternately known for his cruelty outside of the Germanic nations and portrayed as a noble ruler and hero within the Norse and German culture. A powerful warlord, he died in 453 A.D. from either a blood ailment after drinking, at the hands of his wife, or of natural causes. Either way, he is remembered as a force to be reckoned with.

Dress up as an unexpected historical figure with a DIY Attila the Hun costume with this simple tutorial:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Gold Viking helmet

* Curly black wig

* Fu Manchu mustache

* Black beard

* 2 yards of brown faux fur

* Tan or brown robe

* Roman Chest Cover

* Brown (or dark colored) sweat pants

* Dark brown boots

* Fabric glue

* Sword

* Shield

##Putting together your Attila the Hun costume##

Step 1: Pick up a Gold Viking Helmet or any helmet — even a modern military-style Army helmet. If you do choose a more modern helmet, you will need (optional) gold metallic spray paint to cover the helmet’s original color.

Step 2: Pick up some brown faux fur trim from a fabric or craft store. You will need a swatch at least 2 inches wide. Use fabric glue to attach the faux fur to the helmet around the brim.

Step 3: Put on a long black curly wig and adhere a Fu Manchu style mustache to your upper lip and a long black beard. If the wig is too curly, use a brush or comb to loosen the curls for a more wild, warlord sort of look.

Step 4: Put on a brown bathrobe that ties around the waist. The waist tie will be camouflaged by the leather-look armor you’ll wear over it.

Step 5: Layer a brown, leather-look Roman chest cover over the top of your bathrobe. It will hang down below your waist and also have a weapons belt attached.

Step 6: Pull on a pair of brown or dark colored sweat pants beneath your robe and armor.

Step 7: Tuck the legs of your sweatpants into your brown boots. (You can also trim your boots in the faux fur with fabric glue for a more realistic effect).

Step 8: Grab a sword and shield in a Germanic/Norse styleand get ready to strike fear into the hearts of party-goers, Attila!

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