How to make an Archaeologist Costume?

An archaeologist costume we typically seen in costume stores comes from the Hollywood perception and history. In this article we are going to offer a different look at an archaeologist costume to help you create your own from things you might have hanging in your closet.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Khaki shorts

* Tee shirt

* Pith helmet

* Hiking boots

* Brushes and picks (archaeologist tools)

* Camera


Since an archaeologists job is to uncover and document what they find two essential pieces of your costume will be a camera and archaeologist tools. You can have fake accessories or carry around the real items. It is up to you. For archaeologist tools brushes to move aside the earth and occasional picks or other tools to break apart the rock will be used.

The khaki shorts can really be any shorts will a lot of pockets to make sure you have your tools to carry around. If you are living in a cold clime you might want to have khaki or cargo pants. The tee shirt should have a cute saying like “ìI Love Archaeology”¬ù or “ìI dig on Mummies.”¬ù This allows for the rather informal archaeologist look to be more solidified.

The last two items in the costume will be the pith helmet to keep the sun off your face as an archaeologist. It is an essential piece to the costume as most costumes for archaeology have at least the pith helmet. The last item is the hiking boots. To avoid injury on the job archaeologist will have some type of boot on. The hiking boots are easier to find and you probably already have a pair in your closet.

By following these steps you should be able to come up with most of the materials needed from your own closet.

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