How to make an Angus Young (AC/DC) costume

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n’ roll, but you take a shortcut with a great costume guaranteed to put you on the path to the “Highway to Hell.” With their new album, “Black Ice” currently out in stores, AC/DC and their guitarist/mascot, the perennial schoolboy Angus Young are set to embark on tour. Even if the blues-metal boys don’t make a stop in your town, you can bring a bit of classic rock to your next costume party with an easy-to-make Angus Young costume.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Blue blazer or sport coat

* Blue shorts (Dockers’ style longer shorts. We’re not talkin’ “man-kini” shorts, here!)

* Shirt

* Tie

* Newsboy cap

* Guitar (or toy guitar)

* Knee socks

* Devil horns (OPTIONAL)

* Short curly wig

##Putting together your Angus Young costume##

Step 1: Get dressed in your schoolboy best! Button your crisp, white shirt all the way to the top and make a nice Windsor knot with your tie. Swing on the ol’ jacket and pull on your schoolboy of rock shorts.

Step 2: Grab them kneesocks and hike ’em up nice and high!

Step 3: Put on your curly wig and put on the newsboy cap over it.

Step 4: Optional, but if you have clip-on Devil horns or a band of them, you can either fix them to the top of your hat with a bit of glue or wear the banded version beneath your cap.

Step 5: Grab your favorite guitar or a toy one. For those about to rock… we salute you!

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