How to Make an Alvin and the Chipmunks Costume

Alvin is the most popular of the chipmunks and the only one with a letter on his costume. If you want to be one of the famous chipmunks for Halloween this year, but don’t want to buy a costume you are in the right place! We have instructions below to help you create the perfect costume.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Long red shirt

* Red baseball cap

* Yellow Letter A (yellow material)

* Blue and white tennis shoes


Step 1: To create Alvin you will need a tee shirt with long sleeves or a dress that is patterned in a tee shirt style. The main part of the costume must reach the toes and have long sleeves. The outfit must be in red. To complete the shirt another item must be added. Alvin always has the letter A on his shirts in yellow. The A should cover from the collar down to the waist or a little larger. It will depend on the material you have. You can sew the letter A directly onto the costume.

Step 2: The red ball cap should be completely plain. There shouldn’t be any letters or sayings on the cap. It should also fit the head snugly and be brim in front.

Step 3: Despite the all red costume Alvin has white tennis shoes with blue patches. If you find a pair of white tennis shoes you can color in the blue area or you can find tennis shoes that area close fit to the Alvin costume.

With all the steps above you will have a complete Alvin and the Chipmunk costume. If you would like, you can add more to the costume in perfecting the chipmunk body with tan material and a chipmunk head. Otherwise you can paint your own face a little to give whiskers and a black chipmunk nose.

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