How to make an Alligator costume?

Alligators are fierce creatures in the wild, but they often make the cutest baby costumes for Halloween and costume parties. Below we have information on how to create an alligator costume as well as the materials you will need.

##Thing You Need:##

* Green material

* Dark green felt

* Pattern

* Sewing machine

* White material


To make an alligator costume from scratch you will need a sewing machine and the proper materials. You will also need a pattern to cut out for the alligator costume. These items can be found online or in craft stores.

Step 1: To begin you will cut out the material according to the pattern and size of your child. You will want a warm green material like fleece. The body will typically be one piece, then you have to make the tail, feet, hands, and hood of the alligator.

Step 2: The tail should go from large to thin as it moves away from the body. You should also have scales on the back of the tail and head. These scales can be made with triangular shaped felt sewn on to the body of the costume.

Step 3: The head should have the snout elongated from the face. The snout will need white material cut into triangles for the teeth.

As you can see the alligator is one of the easiest costumes to create, especially when you have a pattern. To make the tail stiff you may want to add bunting to the tail. You can also add a trap door if the costume is for a baby to make it easier to change the diaper. The pattern you use will determine the actual pieces needed as some may call for two piece out fit for the body rather than a full suit.

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