How to make an Alien costume

If you want to make an alien costume you are going to have to buy a few things.

Shopping List: 1 either the $20-30 mask, or the $40-60 mask.

2 Two swimming noodles

3 Cardboard

4 Black Shirt and pants

5 Alien gloves

6 Electrical Tape

7 An old belt


1 Rubber hollow bones(to use on chest and back instead of cardboard)

2 Alien feet (they are 20 to 30 bucks. Even though I am a person who likes costumes to be complete and detailed, I think that it doesn’t really matter when it comes to feet!)


Step 1: Have somebody wear your black shirt

Step 2: Cut 1 noodle into four equal pieces at desirable length, glue on person’s back like and Alien.

Step 3: Superglue a ribcagelike pattern of cardbord on the person’s chest

Step 4: Take black shingaurd and put on leg of person. Also, cut out cardboard pieces and draw details on them. Like an oval with lines on it or little rectangles with lines on them. Look at a picture of an alien to look for details, or just wear plain black shirt and pants if you want a simpler costume.

Step 5: Take your other swimming noodle, cover with electrical tape. Tape on cardboard pieces to the side for a more detailed tail. You can either only tape some of the cardboard piece and color black, or just cover it all with the tape.

Step 5: Make a slit in your tail with a knife and insert belt in slit to make it a sort of, belt tail.

Step 6: Make a cardboard cut-out of the spear at the end of the tail. Using that as a tracer, make many more of those cut outs until it is as thick as you want

Step 7: Take the tape and cover up the stack until all the cut-outs are one solid shape. Tape this on to the end of the tail.

Step 8: Wear your custom pants, shirt, and belt, then wear the mask and gloves, then you are good to go!

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