How to make an Addams family costume

The Addams Family has several members to choose from when you consider creating your own costume. You have Gomez, Morticia, the Children, and of course Cousin It. Depending on the costume you choose from the Addams Family you could need different materials. We are going to look at how to make Uncle Fester below as part of the Addams Family. Just remember when making one of the Addams Family they are mostly dressed in a black costume, only Gomez varies with a purple suit and Cousin It with brown hair.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Black material or Black monks Robe

* Rope

* Gray mask or face paint

* Bald head


Uncle Fester is a fairly easy costume to create. After you get the things we listed above you can pretty much construct the costume in under an hour.

Step 1: If you can find a robe that looks like the Monk’s Robe then you are good to go with the costume. You can also sew one of these costumes together by getting a pattern and black material. The robe should reach to the ankles and be loose fitting. You should also have large arms that kind of drape.

Step 2: The only other piece to the robe is a rope. The rope ties the robe onto the individuals like a Monk would wear.

Step 3: Uncle Fester is bald and usually has a gray appearance on the face and head. If you can find an uncle fester mask you are doing great. If not you will need to by a cap to place over your hair, preferably a grey one. Then you will need to use grey face paint to finish the costume off.

You have Pugsley, Wednesday, Grandman, and Lurch to also include in your Addams Family costumes.

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