How to make an Adam Lambert (American Idol) costume

He may not have won the American Idol competition, but Adam Lambert’s music career is taking off! He recently signed a recording contract with 19/RCA and is featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone. Known for his powerful voice combining the best aspects of heavy rock and Broadway-style belting, Lambert was recognized for his theatrical showmanship and professional polish on Season 8 of the singing competition.

Adam Lambert’s unique style lends itself to costume… And you know he’d approve, considering some of his ensembles on the AI stage, as well as theatrical and cabaret productions he’s performed in! Get your guy-liner at the ready and check out this DIY tutorial!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Black emo wig

* Scissors

* Hairspray and/or gel

* Black eyeliner pencil

* Black tuxedo shirt, or plain black shirt

* Blazer (optional)

* Black jeans

* Skull belt

* Medallions

* Black wristbands

* Black nail polish

* Silver, black, or white glittery scarf

* Black Converse sneakers or men’s platform boots

##Putting together your Adam Lambert (American Idol) costume##

Step 1: Pick up an emo wig in black. You may want to use your scissors to trim any loose ends or add a slightly spikey touch to the back and top part of the wig, using a bit of gel. Smooth down the longer end of the wig with some hairspray.

Step 2: Add some “guyliner”. If you’re inexperienced with applying eyeliner, get a friend to help. Warm up a black kohl eyeliner pencil in the palm of your hand (it glides on easier that way). Apply it by lining the inner and outter rims of your eyes, smudging the lines on the top outer and bottom portions ever so slightly. Make sure you still have a crisp line in the inner and outer corners, though.

Step 3: Put on a black shirt (or a ruffled black tuxedo shirt for extra flair) and a pair of black jeans. Leave a few buttons on the shirt undone. The jeans can be faded for that worn-in cool look!

Step 4: Break out the accessories like a rock star skull belt, medallion necklaces and a few glitzy scarves in either black, white, silver, or all three! Wind them loosely around your neck with the ends dangling

Step 5: Put on some black wristbands.

Step 6: Use your kohl eyeliner pencil to replicate and draw Adam’s Egyptian Eye of Horus tattoo on your inner right wrist.

Step 7: Put on a pair of black Converse sneaks, or break out the platform boots like Adam did for his appearance on stage with Kiss!

Step 8: Do your nails with a coat or two of black nail polish the night before and allow to dry.

Step 9: Brush up on your singing skills and get ready to rock!

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