How to make a Zombie costume

Zombies as Hollywood and book creatures have always fascinated us. If you are hoping to be the perfect zombie this year you might want to check out the instructions below. We have suggestions on how to use yourself to make the costume on a budget.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Torn clothing

* Shoes

* Fake blood

* Gray face paint

* Wig or wild hair


A zombie is a dead human that is walking around. You don’t have to have the arms out stretched to signify you are a zombie. In fact the most real zombie like creatures can be patterned after those in Resident Evil, the movie. Those zombies were real humans that became un-dead.

So first off you will need clothing that is rather trashed. It can be any clothing as long as it looks dirty, torn, and full of decay. You might have jeans and a tee shirt with a lot of tears or scrubs from a doctor zombie. The tears will need to be strategic on your part. Underneath the tears you need to have the zombie like skin, such as a broken leg bleeding with decaying skin. For this next part stage makeup and putty works great in creating the much needed decay.

The areas you use it on should be small to eliminate a lot of work for the putty and decaying skin. With gray face paint you are going to cover the hands and face. The gray paint will offer that deathly pallor you are looking for.

At this point you have most of the costume created with decaying skin and all. The shoes should be torn or very dirty as well. The hair should be a little wild, if you can style your own hair that is great or you can get a zombie wig from any store.

The final part to the zombie will be the teeth and fake blood. The teeth should be a little sharper in the mouth and a little decayed. You can find fake teeth to decorate for this. You should also have fake blood running from the mouth.

Then it is up to you to create the zombie walk. A zombie will walk slow and disoriented. They don’t have much of a brain just a need to feed. So part of the costume should be creating this effect.

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