How to make a wolf costume?

Wolves make for great mascots and party costumes. If you are looking for a perfect idea on how to make your own wolf we do have some suggestions below. You will need to find the material and other options listed before you can begin.

##Stuff you will need:##

* Grey faux fur fabric

* Sewing machine

* Pattern


There is not a lot needed for creating the wolf. In fact for the most part you will follow whatever pattern it is you can find. You do have choices for the pattern though. For example you can create a one piece suit, with head or you can use your head. In other words you can make a headband with wolf ears, but leave your face and the rest of your head uncovered. It all depends on your level of comfort and what the pattern may call for.

You will need Velcro for the back of the costume to make it easier to get in and out of. Also you should consider making gloves and feet with the costume. The feet should fit over your shoe with elastic. You will not tread on the material, but your shoes will be covered offering a more authentic appearance. The tail may need to be stuffed with bunting or cotton, which can also be found at fabric stores. The tail measurements will be offered on the pattern, but it should be almost touching the ground.

For a different look you can always find multiple colored faux fur. If the costume is for a mascot you will just need to add the school colors or a jersey over the wolf.

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