How to make a witch costume?

Witches have been a Halloween favorite since the holiday began. Witch costumes are easy to create depending on what style witch you would like to be. We are going to describe the age old Hollywood depiction of the wicked witch.

[b]Things You’ll Need:[/b]

– Black dress

– Black cape or material to make one

– [url=]Pointed black hat[/url]

– Theatre makeup

– [url=]Broom[/url]

– Ankle boots

– Black wand

– Wig (optional)


[b]Step 1:[/b] The black dress is the simplest part of the costume. You can elect to leave the dress as is or make it tattered at the bottom. It is up to you. The dress can also be short or ankle length, again the choice is yours. If you do elect for a short dress you will want multicolored stockings or black stockings. A black dress can be anything which is why the next steps are very important.

[b]Step 2:[/b] The cape needs to be the same length as the dress. It can be longer if you wish to use a [url=]cloak style cape[/url]. The cape can be simple material that ties onto the neck or more formatted. There are plenty of capes to purchase at stores if you don’t wish to make one.

[b]Step 3:[/b] The theatre makeup is going to give you your witchy appearance. The stage makeup can either make your entire face green as the [url=]wicked witch[/url] or you can just use it to create a long crooked nose with plenty of warts.

[b]Step 4:[/b] The hat will most likely need to be purchased unless you want to make it yourself out of black material. The hat needs to be conical shaped and stand up. The hat can help keep a wig in place if you decide it is necessary. A lot of the time witches are depicted with long hair.

[b]Step 5:[/b] The wand and broom are two of the most essential pieces of equipment. You want to be able to slay your enemies and ride off on your broom after each candy pick up. So don’t forget these. They can be regular household items such as a stick painted black and your kitchen broom.

[b]Step 6:[/b] The black boots will add to the costume making you a stylish wicked witch, but are also optional for more practical shoes.

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