How to make a Willie Nelson costume

Willie Nelson is one of country music’s original outlaws. From having been busted for marijuana and back taxes, he’s stayed true to his outlaw status, well into his 7th decade on the planet. Willie has had a long, stellar career and during his early years, he was known as the “Red Headed Stranger” for his long, red hair. Now, at 76, Willie’s still sporting the long hair, but it’s grey.

Red or grey, Willie’s still green, spearheading the movement for eco-friendly ethanol feul made from corn. A champion of farmers, Willie also took part in Live Aid as well as numerous benefits for his home state of Texas.

Show some love to Willie with this oh-so-green costume based on one of country music (and pop culture)’s coolest icons.

Things You’ll Need

Putting together your Willie Nelson costume

Step 1: Grab a long grey wig. You will want to put the wig on to make braiding it easier. Part it down the middle and divide into two “pigtail” sections and begin braiding each side. Fasten each braid with your elastic hair ties (that can be purchased from any drugstore).

Step 2: Wrap a bandana around your forehead and tie it in the back. This bandana does not need to cover the top of your head, just surround your forehead.

Step 3: Put on a black t-shirt and ripped jeans along with a pair of cowboy boots.

Step 4: Add a cowboy hat on top of your wig and bandana. A brown, battered looking one will fit the bill.

Step 5: If you have an old acoustic guitar, find a red, white, and blue strap to wear it with. If not, find a toy guitar to use as a costume prop and you’ll be “On the Road Again” as Willie in no time!

(FUN FACT: When Willie Nelson was being audited for back taxes and many of his personal belongings were being sold by the government to pay for them, he shipped his guitar to Hawaii for safe keeping. The instrument’s name is “Trigger” and Willie has played his Martin brand guitar for the duration of his career and it has been signed by legends like Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash.)

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