How to make a Vampire costume?

You have many choices in how to create a vampire costume. Like other costume ideas the vampire is one of the oldest Halloween options that you have. To help you get one idea for a vampire costume we have instructions and materials listed below.

##Things You’ll Need:##

* Black cape

* Tuxedo or black dress

* Vampire teeth

* Fake blood

* Black combat boots

* Long nails

* White paint


Step 1: A vampire is going to be extremely pale. This paleness will need to be created by you. You can use white face paint to get your face pale or use a neutral color to give yourself a pale tint. Once the face is made up you will need to add blood to the side of your mouth and insert your vampire teeth.

Step 2: The main part of the costume is going to be a black suit or dress. We said tuxedo above, but really any black suit will work. Dracula as we are patterning here was a sophisticated man in the book and movie lending an elegance to the costume you should emulate with a nice suit or dress.

Step 3: The cape will need to hook around your neck and be to your ankles in length. It should be able to cover your entire body in a bat like appearance. You can make your own cape if you wish.

Step 4: The long nails can either be black or red to simulate blood. The hands should also look deathly pale and sinister.

Lastly you will need to add the black combat boots or any other black shoe you can find.? As a creature of the dark and night you should be as scary as you can be with the entire outfit.

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