How to make a Valkyrie costume?

Valkyrie means many things in today’s time. It used to be a female figure from Norse Mythology in which the Valkyries chose to battle over who ruled Valhalla. On Christmas day Valkyrie is a movie coming out, and based on a World War II mission with the code name Valkryie. If you have a costume party to attend you might consider one of the many costumes from Valkryie. We will outline one for you here.

##Materials Needed:##

* World War II military uniform

* Eye patch

* Fake gun (WWII era)

* Pattern

* Fabric


The main character in the movie was on the Nazi side of World War II, until he realized that Hitler needed to be stopped. So if you choose to be the main character you will need to have a “_ìGerman”¬ù style military uniform. You should be able to find a World War II uniform at a costume shop, but if you want to make one on your own you will need to find a pattern. Patterns can be located online at or at any local fabric shop like Michaels. Fabric can also be found at these locations.

Once you have the materials you need to create the costume you will want to follow instructions. The uniform should be green, with swastikas on the arms. You will also need a leather strap for the uniform and a fake gun. Black leather boots that go up mid calf will also have to be found, if you don’t already have some in your closet.

After the costume has been created you will just need to put the eye patch in place and you are ready to go.

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