How to make a Transformers Bumblebee costume?

Bumblebee transformer

Transformers is perhaps the most complicated costume that you could make for Halloween. If you are up to the challenge we have instructions as well as things you will need below to help you out. The costume will depend on the transformer you wish to be. In this step we are talking about Bumblebee, but the tips can also be used for the other transformers with a slight change in material.

##Things You Need:##

* – Yellow material

* – Black material

* – Pattern

* – Motorcycle helmet

* – Cardboard

* – Yellow and black paint


Step 1: Bumblebee when not in his car form stands erect just like a human, so we are concentrating on this form rather than the Mustang to offer a Halloween costume. First Bumblebee is mostly yellow. The pants should be a bell bottom style with a flair at the ankles and end at the waist. Black material can be added to the pants in order to make the patterns you are familiar with.

Step 2: the upper part of the costume is mostly black with a yellow section on the chest, around the wrists and added amenities at the shoulders. The wrist section of yellow will need to stand out a little like armor. Check online for a costume to model for ideas there are plenty on this site.

Step 3: Using the cardboard and paint you can create the yellow and black shoulder additions that Bumblebee had in the movie. These were like the tires.

Step 4: The motorcycle helmet or helmet that you create needs to be yellow with two black stripes and two yellow points. You should also have a face plate like glass to cover the front. A cheap motorcycle helmet can be found at your local second hand shop in most cases.

Step 5: To complete the costume make sure the hands and feet are also encased in yellow material. You can add layers to the costume to make sure that you will be warm enough during the candy collection.

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