How to make a Toy Soldier costume?

Toy soldiers are part of the Nutcracker ballet. If you are hosting your own version of the ballet or simply going to a costume party a toy soldier may fit your needs the most. There are a couple of different ways to create the Toy Soldier and we will give you one below. We will provide materials needed as well as instructions to create your toy soldier. Bear in mind that certain things can be changed, but the overall look will be the same.

##Materials Needed:##

* Red fabric

* Blue fabric

* Musket

* White strap

* Hat

* Black boots

* Pattern

* Sewing machine


Step 1: If you can find a pattern this will help you create the costume. Toy soldiers are going to be dressed in military style. If you happen to have a military uniform at your disposal you could use it. To begin you will need to create the blue pants. These pants should be simple, form fitting at the waist, but not tight on the legs. They are in effect trousers.

Step 2: The red fabric will be used to create a jacket. The jacket should have two rows of buttons and a white strap running across from one shoulder to the waist. It should also be long sleeved.

Step 3: The hat will be white. It should be rather tall and circular.

Step 4: The black boots need to be knee high or at least up half your calves.

Step 5: Add the musket and you will be ready once you practice that walk.

Part of the Toy Soldier costume is looking wooden with the straight legs and arms as you walk. It will create the perfect effect.

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