How to make a Tonks (Harry Potter) costume

Nymphadora “Dora” Tonks prefers to be called by her last name and isn’t very fond of her first name. She is the daughter of Andromeda Black Tonks, who was disowned by the infamous Black wizarding family for marrying a muggle-born wizard, Ted Tonks. Their daughter is a freewheeling animorph magis who can change her appearance at will to human or animal. Usually, she uses this power to change her hair color to all sorts of fun, unnatural shades.

The young auror makes a short appearance in the new Harry Potter movie, “Half-Blood Prince”, alongside her beau, the werewolf Remus Lupin. She looks slightly more conservative than her more widely-recognized appearance with pink and purple hair in the previous movie, “Order of the Phoenix.” That’s the look we’re going to go for here, but if you wish, you can also try to make a costume based on her current appearance.

##Things You’ll Need##

* Pink wig or Purple wig

* OR Pink spray-in hair color and/or Purple spray-in hair color

* Brown magic marker

* Black choker or spiked collar

* Grey hoodie

* Long black skirt

* Black fingerless gloves

* Black combat boots

* Black messenger bag

* Wand

##Putting together your Tonks (Harry Potter) costume##

Step 1: The first and probably most important component of your costume will be getting Tonks’ hair just right. You will need either a pink or purple wig or pink or purple spray-in hair coloring. Depending on the length and color of your hair, you may want to pick up a few cans.

Step 2: For a more “natural” look, you can use brown Magic Marker to streak the roots of your wig.

Step 3: Wear a black choker or spiked collar around your neck.

Step 4: Pull on a pair of black fingerless gloves.

Step 5: Layer on a grey hoodie and wear a long, black jacket in any type of fabric (canvas, cotton, or even leather).

Step 6: Put on a long black skirt and put on a black messenger bag across your chest so that it hangs at your hip.

Step 7: Pull on a pair of black combat boots.

Step 8: Grab your wand and prepare to apparate!

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