How to make a Tiger Woods costume

Tiger Woods has always been a big hit on the golf course”¬¶ And now his wife’s been hitting him! Can you blame her, with the string of mistresses popping out of the woodwork, claiming that they’ve been with the otherwise normally classy young golf champion?! Whether you’re on Team Tiger or Team Elin, a Tiger Woods costume is sure to be par for the course at your next costume party. Here’s how to put one together!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Baseball cap (worn to the front)

* Red polo shirt

* Black dress pants with belt

* Golf shoes or penny loafers

* Assorted bandages and Band-Aids

* Golf club (toy version that can be bent easily)

* Pre-nup agreement

* Arm sling or Ace Bandage sling (can be purchased at a drug store)

* Dark blue eyeshadow (to create a black eye)

* Blonde blow-up doll with a golf club taped to her arm in an upright position

* OPTIONAL: Self-tanner to darken your complexion if you need it

##Putting together your Tiger Woods costume##

Step 1: Put on a baseball cap with a slightly curved brim with the brim to the front

Step 2: Dress up in appropriate golf attire with a red polo shirt tucked neatly into black dress pants with a dressy belt.

Step 3: Put on a pair of golf shoes or penny loafers.

Step 4: OPTIONAL: If you want to darken your complexion slightly, put on some self-tanner on your face and arms “‚Äú or any exposed skin.

Step 5: Dab a bit of blue or grey eyeshadow beneath one of your eyes to make it look like you have a black eye.

Step 6: Deck yourself out with an assortment of bandages and bandaids on your face and arms. If you want, put your arm in a sling, too.

Step 7: Carry a pre-nup agreement (a piece of paper marked as such with marker or in large printed letters from your computer printer), and carry a slightly bent golf club, making it look like the Missus took out her vengeance on your tools of the trade.

Step 8: OPTIONAL: Get a blonde blow-up doll and tape a golf club to her hand to look as if she’s been swinging it. You can even create your own lightweight golf club by glueing empty paper towel rolls together end to end and covering with silver tin-foil and a cardboard “_ìputter”¬ù on the end of it, similarly covered in tin foil.

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