How to make a The Spirit costume

Will Eisner’s 1940 comic book creation makes it to the big screen in “The Spirit.” The comic and film tells the story of Denny Colt, a rookie cop who is murdered and comes back from the grave to avenge his death and fight crime in his hometown of Central City. Fans of vintage comic books and film fanboys will be eager to see this one and just may want to come up with their own spin on The Spirit as a costume.

##Things you’ll need##

* Black overcoat

* Black pants

* Black dress shirt

* Black Belt

* Red tie

* {Black Fedora|

* Black shoes

* Black domino mask

* Black gloves

Step 1: Although in the comics, The Spirit wears a blue suit and accessories (perhaps thanks to the 1940s 4-color processing in the comic book industry), the film version of the spirit has the character wearing black. (Because the film itself is in black and white with snippets of red coloring as accents.) Get out a black suit with an overcoat-style jacket and pants along with a crisp, black dress shirt and a red tie to make this simple costume.

Step 2: Put on a black domino mask to cover the top part of your face.

Step 3: Put on a pair of black gloves, black shoes, and a fedora hat to shade your features and you’ll be ready to fight crime old school style… From beyond the grave!

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