How to make a The Pavi costume from Repo!: The Genetic Opera

In the movie musical “Repo!: The Genetic Opera,” The Pavi is one of the siblings of the Largo family dynasty. An heir to the GeneCo fortune after a rash of organ failures sweeps the globe along with recreational surgery, The Pavi himself has a fetish for changing faces. Referring to himself in the third person, the womanizing Pavi’s face is disfigured but he has bolts embedded in his skin to swap out “fresh faces” of the recently dead onto his own. Regardless, ladies love The Pavi! Dress up as this ladykiller with a homemade Pavi costume!

##Things You’ll Need##

* Shoulder-length black wig

* Burn makeup

* Blank mask

* Acrylic paint (various colors including flesh tone, red, black, etc.)

* Super glue

* Metal screws or bolts

* Scissors (OPTIONAL)

* Sandpaper (OPTIONAL)

* White printed shirt

* Edwardian vest

* Black pants

* Black boots

* Hand mirror

##Putting together your Pavi costume##

Step 1: Make up your face to look burned and disfigured like Pavi’s and apply a coat of burn makeup that you will wear beneath your mask. Extend the “burns” to outside where your mask will sit for effect.

Step 2: Begin making your Pavi mask. Take a Blank Mask and cut it so that the edges are almost scalloped, looking as if they’re stretched tight across the “bolts” Pavi’s interchangeable faces are adhered to. Sand the edges of your blank mask so that the edges aren’t rough and you don’t cut yourself. Make sure to leave the elastic on your mask so that you can easily remove it.

Step 3: Once your mask has been cut to fit your face, begin painting it. Start with a layer of flesh toned face paint. Draw on thin eyebrows with black acrylic paint and paint the mouth in red or pink, in whatever shape you choose.

Step 4: When the paint has dried, take screws or bolts and superglue them to corners of the mask to look like the posts Pavi has embedded in his face to change his “masks.”

Step 5: Put on a shoulder-length black wig. If you can’t find one in this length, pick up a long black wig in a straight style and cut it to the desired length.

Step 6: Put on a printed white shirt with billow sleeves. Wear a high-necked vampire vest or Edwardian vest over the top of your shirt.

Step 7: Pull on a pair of black dress pants and tuck them into tall black boots, preferably with metal, industrial touches on the outside.

Step 8: Grab your hand mirror and prepare to “ask a Gentern” which member of the Largo family she prefers! Mrrowr!

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