How to make a The Old Man (from A Christmas Story) costume

The Old Man, played by Darrin McGavin, was Ralphie’s profanity-spewing, leg lamp loving father in the film “A Christmas Story.” Add some character to your next holiday party (at the Bumpus’s house?) dressed as the Old Man with this simple how-to:

##Things You’ll Need##

* A haggard expression (possibly some makeup to “age” you and outline facial lines in your brow and jowls)

* Light brown eyeliner pencil

* Tan men’s cardigan sweater

* White button down dress shirt

* Necktie

* Brown pants

* ACCESSORIES: Leg lamp, turkey leg, OPTIONAL: Soot on your clothes from fixing the hot water heater.

##Putting together your costume##

Step 1: If you’re under the age of 40, you may want to give yourself a more “middle aged” look. Take a tan eyebrow pencil and lightly line creases in your forehead by furrowing your brow for a guide, adding crows feet/laugh lines under your eyes, and outlining your mouth/jowls.

Step 2: Put on a button down dress shirt with the top button undone and your tie loosely askew.

Step 3: Put on a pair of brown pants.

Step 4: Grab some accessories to add extra flair to your costume. Pick up a half-eaten turkey leg (Smelly Bumpus hounds!), tire jack, or even smear some “soot” on your face and clothes from fixing that “blasted” water heater. If you can, get your mitts on the Old Man’s prized trophy, a Leg Lamp!

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