How to make a Thanksgiving Girl costume?

The Thanksgiving girl is really any costume pertaining to the holiday. Any female child can be an Indian, Pilgrim, or traditional colonial child. The most popular costume for children at Thanksgiving is usually the Native American or Indian costume. It is also one of the more elaborate to make from scratch.

There are several types of materials you may need depending on what costume is chosen for the Thanksgiving Girl. We will outline the materials you may need below, with a few instructions.

##Materials You May Need:##

* Brown fabric

* White fabric

* Blue fabric

* Moccasins

* Leather belt

* Black boots

* Feathers

* Baskets

The materials outlined above are either to create a Native American costume or Pilgrim. For the Native American costume you will need a pattern to cut the dress. The dress should be in a triangle style. In other words the dress reaches the ankles at a point rather than being a rounded hem. You can have a dress or actually a two piece outfit.

For the pilgrim you have a typical peasant dress of the times. It is a simple blue dress offering form only because of the white apron. You can purchase a readymade apron or create your own. It will be up to you.

What truly makes the costume is the accessories you add to make it more current for the time period of the first Thanksgiving. If these ideas don’t satisfy you there is always the turkey, cornucopia, and other main dishes at the table. You can also use heavy cloth in order to make the costume warmer if needed.

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