How to make a Teen Dora the Explorer Costume

##About Dora##

Like it or not, Dora the Explorer has a new, more grown-up look. Dora isn’t all grown up, however, but rather a “tween” in that stage between being a happy-go-lucky kid and a frat-party hopping teen. Although Dora the Explorer will remain a kid for the target Nickelodeon audience, the company hopes that teen Dora will reach out to growing adolescent girls just starting to get into things like fashion and makeup.

Check out how you can make your own Teen Dora costume based on her new look. (If you feel like adding your own comedic touches to the costume like the ever-popular “Teen Pregnancy Dora”, then go for it and plop a pillow underneath your shirt with this costume, too!)

##Things You’ll Need##

* Long brown wig with bangs

* Purple headband

* Purple leggings

* Hot pink babydoll top

* Purple ribbon

* Orange ballet flats (OR ballet flats in any color with Orange shoe polish)

* Flower necklace

* Pearl earrings

##Putting together your Teen Dora costume##

Step 1: Put on your long brown wig with bangs, a much longer version of Dora’s playful signature bab hairstyle of her childhood.

Step 2: Put a purple headband over your wig. If you can’t find a headband in purple, any headband from the drugstore or accessories shop will do. You can pick up less than a yard of purple satin ribbon to cover it by winding it around the headband and adhering it with just a small spot of glue.

Step 3: Pick up a pink, empire waist babydoll top with short sleeves from any department store. This is a popular style for girls and women and shouldn’t be hard to find.

Step 4: Tie 2 yards of purple ribbon underneath the bustline of your babydoll top to get Dora’s look.

Step 5: Pull on a pair of purple leggings in a capri style that hits just below the calf.

Step 6: Add some jewelry like a flower necklace and tiny pearl earrings or any stud earring you like.

Step 7: Slip on a pair of orange ballet flats. If you can’t find a pair of orange flats, pick up a pair of plain white ones and alter them with orange shoe polish. You’re ready to skip off and explore the mall or wherever Teen Dora may head to!

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