How to make a Steven Slater Disgruntled Jet Blue Flight Attendant costume

Steven Slater, the Jet Blue flight attendant who hauled off on a rude passenger who clocked him in the head with luggage, has become a hero to disgruntled workers overnight. Pre-takeoff, Slater commandeered the plane’s PA system and cursed out the entire lot of passengers before grabbing two beers from the beverage cart and sliding off the plane through an exit chute. Slater stands as a proud symbol of a work force that is as mad as hell and not going to take it any more!!

Dress up as Steven Slater for your next costume event with this simple, fun, and funny DIY tutorial:

##Things You’ll Need##

* Short blonde wig

* Scissors (to crop wig into a short, almost crew-cut)

* Black button-down shirt

* Blue necktie

* Black cardigan sweater or jacket

* 2 yards of blue ribbon or hem tape (purchased from a craft store) to use as trim on cardigan or jacket

* Black pants

* Black shoes

* Flight attendant wings

* Blank name tag

* OPTIONAL: Cardboard and a safety pin to make your own nametag and/or wings

* OPTIONAL: Silver glitter to cover cardboard wings

* Black magic marker

* Bullhorn

* Two beers

##Putting together your Steven Slater, Disgruntled Jet Blue Flight Attendant costume##

Step 1: Pick up a short blonde wig and use your scissors to crop it into a shorter style, similar to Steven Slater’s, giving the wig more of a short, crewcut look.

Step 2: Put on a plain black button-down shirt with a blue necktie. The pattern that the Jet Blue Flight Attendants usually wear is a blue plaid pattern, but any tie that’s predominantly blue should work — even a Harry Potter Ravenclaw house tie!

Step 3: Use either a black jacket or a black cardigan to wear over your black button down shirt and tie. To get the look of blue piping that flight attendant Steven Slater wore as part of his regulation uniform, pick up several yards of blue ribbon and fabric glue or blue hem tape (a special type of ribbon “tape” that is a ribbon of fabric with a heat-activated adhesive on the back that can simply be ironed-on into place saving you from having to sew!). Apply the ribbon or hem tape to the outer lapels or down the front of the cardigan. You can also make a stripe that goes around the cuff area of the sleeves.

Step 4: Pick up a pair of pilot wings or flight attendant wings to pin onto your lapel. If they’re not available, draw a circle with some wings coming off the sides onto a piece of cardboard and stick a pin through it before coating in silver glitter or paint. Simple! To hide the pin, you can glue a second layer of cardboard over it or just use the glitter or paint to hide it and blend with the metallic of the pin.

Step 5: You can also make a nametag for yourself on a piece of cardboard that says “Steven Slater” in white with black lettering. You can print it out on computer paper and then lay it over a cardboard backing for a homemade nametag. If you REALLY want to add some edginess to this costume, you can write “Steven Slater” on the top part of the name tag and “Go (BLEEP!) yourself!!” on a separate one worn beneath it.

Step 6: Put on a pair of black pants and black dress shoes to complete your “regulation” look before freaking out on passengers.

Step 7: Add some fun accessories like a bullhorn and two beers to carry around with you.

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