How to make a Sponge Bob costume?

Sponge Bob is a popular costume for children. If you are looking for a Christmas costume idea for your child or just something a little different consider turning Sponge Bob into a holiday costume. We will have a list of materials needed below, as well as instructions. Keep in mind that the Christmas suggestion doesn’t have to be used and all materials for the Christmas Sponge Bob will be optional. Sponge Bob can be used for any season or costume party.

##Materials Needed:##

* Yellow fabric

* Brown fabric

* White gloves

* Florist wire or cardboard box

* Santa hat

* Bells


Step 1: To begin with sponge bob you need to create the boxy shape. Sponge Bob has a rectangular body. A cardboard box is the simplest way to get the body made, but you can also use florist wire to create the shell. The upper body is the square part so you need to make the box with holes for the arms, head, and lower torso.

Step 2: After the box has been cut you will need to either paint the box or use yellow fabric. The yellow fabric may be better so that you can get the sponge like body, where as paint may not give you that definition. You can use your own head for the eyes, or make the eyes on the box.

Step 3: The brown fabric will be used to create the pants. You can also use any brown pants you have in your closet. The choice is yours.

Step 4: To make Sponge Bob Christmas like you just need a couple of additions. The Santa hat will go on your head. The bells will be used on the shoes you decide to wear. You can also add a beard, gift bag, and other Christmas accessories if you wish.

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